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What do the world's best extreme enduro riders have in common? Riders like Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Alfredo Gomez  and Tim Coleman are all former trials riders who applied cross training skills to hard enduro events. Learning how to ride a dirt bike? Or taking your enduro technique to the next level? Get into cross training. 

Enduro training vids

Bike setup, basic cross training skills and how to ride a dirt bike through to advanced extreme enduro techniques. Please read our disclaimer before watching these videos. Click on the Youtube links below. 

Bike setup & riding gear
Basic enduro skills
Intermediate enduro skills
Advanced enduro skills

Enduro vlogs, reviews & more

Motovlogs of our cross training rides with links to relevant training vids. Great viewing for dirt riders if you get excited watching paint dry or grass grow. Please read our disclaimer before watching these videos.

Youtube playlist of our enduro vlogs
Reviews of bikes, bling & products
The really really stupid vids

Support us

Our training vids are all free but supported by a few of our dedicated viewers. Join them, and for the cost of a coffee you get four extra ride vids each month! Click here or the link below for more information. A huge thanks to the small number of viewers who make doing full time vids possible! We want the enduro training vids to stay publicly available for all dirt riding brothers and sisters.

About us

We are a group of mostly middle-aged riders in the early stages of dementia who are keen to put something back into the dirt bike community. All the top extreme enduro riders are gods to us, read about them here. Check out our other free Youtube channels below..

Our adventure riding channel
Trials riding techniques & skills