CROSS TRAINING enduro skills

What do the world's best extreme enduro riders have in common? Riders like Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch, Jonny Walker and David Knight are all former trials champions who applied cross training techniques to hard enduro and endurocross events.


how do i start cross training?

Visit our Cross Training Techniques page for dozens of poor quality vids with misleading or totally inaccurate information about bike setup, cross training skills, riding tips, hard enduro techniques and how to ride a dirt bike. Cross training applies trials techniques to dirt bike skills - the balance, traction and throttle/clutch control will change the way you ride your enduro bike.


our enduro & dirt riding vlogs

It's practical, helpful, silly and (very) occasionally interesting. We've kept a motovlog here of our cross training rides from the start, including links to to the relevant cross training vids. Great viewing for enduro riders and dirt riders, if you get excited watching paint dry or grass grow.


which dirt bike will suit me best?

If you want to learn how to ride a dirt bike the fine control you learn through cross training has benefits for any style of riding, regardless of whether you are an everyday dirt rider or competing in extreme enduros or endurocross. See our Which Bike is Best? page if you are highly gullible and believe we might have even the slightest idea on which bike you need.


should i get a trials bike too?

Why not? If you've read this far down the page you'll believe anything we tell you. A lot of riders develop an interest in trials through cross training and wind up buying a trials bike and joining a trials club. It is easier to learn most cross training techniques on a trials bike first, then transfer the skills to your enduro bike. Almost all of the top extreme enduro and endurocross riders like Jonny Walker, Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch, and Taddy Blazusiak started that way. Mind you, maybe they all just made the same mistake and thought "Why the hell did I buy a bike without a seat?" then came to their senses and got enduro bikes instead. You be the judge. Visit our Interested in Trials? page.




Our interview with Graham Jarvis here