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Enduro skills videos, dirt bike riding tips and cross training techniques are regularly posted to Youtube and Facebook. 

Please read our disclaimer before watching our training vids. These enduro training vids are not a substitute for proper one-on-one coaching, and you accept the risks involved if you try to use these techniques without professional supervision. Use the Youtube playlists below to view all the training vids.

Bike setup & riding gear
Basic enduro skills
Intermediate enduro skills
Advanced enduro skills
How to lop logs - 10 part series

We have grouped all the other vids on Youtube into playlists such as:
Tim Coleman enduro techniques, stunts & tricks
Top riders, enduro cinema & events
Motocross to enduro conversion series
Reviews of bikes & products

Please note we don't give advice on which bike you should buy, but we have put together this information on which type of bike might suit you best for cross training. Like to know more about trials riding? Click here. And to learn more about Tim Coleman visit his Youtube channel here