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Cross Training Enduro Skills provides free video tutorials on trials riding tips, enduro riding techniques and other aspects of dirt bike techniques, based heavily on Tim Coleman's coaching. We are a like-minded group of mostly middle-aged riders who are in the early stages of dementia with many body parts rapidly heading south due to gravity. Why are the vids free, and have no ads? We are dirt bike semi-socialist bastards and not into money, just keen to volunteer time toward the international dirt bike community - even though we barely know what we are talking about. But if any filthy rich capitalists want to support us and getting some extra vids in the process... visit our support page. :)

We ride in many places along the east coast of Australia as far north as Bundaberg and even down to Melbourne. A massive thanks to the many guys who let us ride on their properties. Sorry the owners have asked us not to reveal the locations for obvious reasons. And we prefer not to be too specific about our riding spots anyway.

Good question! We carefully research all the existing information out there on various enduro techniques and endurocross riding tips, talk with top riders like Tim Coleman, try to learn them ourselves, fail miserably, then get drunk and come up with the silliest most inaccurate riding vids we can. Oh and we are closely linked with the Western Districts Trials Club. Trials riders have very low IQs and poor personal hygiene so we all along together quite well. They share riding tips too. You can be sure of Tim Coleman's input, just check out his enduro vids:
Tim Coleman's amazing enduro stunts
Switchbacks with Tim Coleman
Teaching an old dog new tricks - Tim Coleman
Tim Coleman trials skills & enduro riding
Tim Coleman trials tricks

Hell yes. We not only provide inaccurate crappy vids about enduro riding, but offer further nonsense for trials riders and adventure riders... as if there wasn't enough garbage on Youtube already. There should be a law against it, but there isn't yet, suckers.

Our trials riding video tutorials on Youtube
Our cross training video tutorials on Youtube
Our adventure riding vids on Youtube
Our favourite Tim Coleman videos

The old fart who is the driving force behind Cross Training Enduro Skills has a background  in graphic design, videography, writing, social work and all things arty farty - his skills in each area is almost as bad as his riding. Over the years he has has created various bike-related blogs, websites, Wikipedia pages, Youtube video series, GPS files for adventure riders,  and dozens  of public rides for  local dirt and adventure riders
... all for free, unsponsored and he hasn't made a cent from them. Most people quite sensibly say "you are talking complete nonsense, please leave us alone". You are advised to react the same way to all his online content. At the request of many viewers he finally went full time on the enduro videos. All the training vids and many others remain publicly available, but four ride vids each month are now available only to supporters. 

It's actually nice getting genuine emails, but there's so much spam and also questions about stuff we've already answered, or guys too lazy to do a basic google search or check through our vids first. So....
Questions about one our video tutorials? Just use the comments section in Youtube.
And remember we simply don't know that much anyway. We can barely tie our own shoelaces and often put our underwear on after our pants. If you do want to email us, use the form at the bottom of the home page.

Please DON'T spam me with ways to make money on the videos!
Please DON'T ask me to promote your own vids, or website, or whatever it is!
Please DON'T ask if I've done a certain vid yet, just check the list!
Please DON'T ask for advice on which bike you should buy, just watch this video!
Click on the Facebook link if you want to join the conversation about cross training and building on your enduro skills.

We like getting genuine emails, honestly! But the vast majority are spam or questions that belong on a motorbike forum. And it takes hours every day to answer to respond to video comments, forum posts etc so we are trying to cut down on email time too. You can send an email via the email form at the bottom of the  home page