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A quick summary of the top extreme enduro riders and the extreme enduro events they ride. 

Graham Jarvis
, born 1975, is a professional extreme enduro rider. See our interview with the extreme enduro legend here! He won is first trials competition at the age of 10 and worked his way up to become 5 x British Trials Champion, 4 x Scottish Six Day Trial winner and reached World No.4 in trials. Graham Jarvis has placed first in all the major extreme enduro events: Romaniacs, Erzberg, King of the Hill, Hells Gate, The Tough One, Sea to Sky, Extreme Lagares, Roof of Africa. He regularly enters endurocross events too. 

Jonny Walker, born 1991, is the new kid on the block in hard enduro events. He won the British Schoolboy Trials Championship twice, and had a top three ranking until he was 17. Buying his first motocross bike led him to try the sport of Enduro, after a friend suggested he should have a go. Despite his age, Jonny's ambition is to become a full time professional rider and he has had considerable success in the top extreme enduros and endurocross too. .

Andreas “Lettie” Lettenbichler, born 1974, comes from a strong trials background like all the other top riders. What sets Lettie apart is he isn't a professional rider so has limited time due to his trade job in Germany. He's consistently on the podium for the major extreme enduro events. 

Alfredo Gomez, born 1989 in Spain, cut his teeth on trials riding like all extreme enduro riders, winning the junior world trials championship in 2007. A team mate with Jarvis, he's rapidly making a name for himself having beaten Graham this year to win Lagares, and in the past has placed third in The Tough One and been on the podium for many events. 

Ben Hemingway started riding at three years of age, and in his first trials competition at eight years old. He established himself in the trials world with winning the French Five Days, the Scott Trial twice, eighth in the European championships, fourth in the British championship, and part of a winning Trials Des Nations team. Relatively new to the world of extreme enduro, he has come third overall in the Hard Enduro championship, third in Erzberg, first in The Tough One, and fifth in Hells Gate, the Roof of Africa and Lagares. As of 2014, he ranked sixth on the (unofficial) Kings of Extreme Enduro ranking. We interviewed him for the Wildwood Rock Extreme event... a lovely pommie accent and not a bad rider.

Taddy Blazusiak, born 1983, made a name for himself when he won the Erzberg Rodeo in 2006 when someone lent him a bike to try the event. Originally a trials rider, his goal was to become the world's number one rider - Taddy was the European Trials Champion in 2004 and reach eight internationally in 2006. But Taddy Blazusiak's surprise success at Erzberg has diverted him to winning extreme enduro events and regularly flogging the top US riders in endurocross events in the USA.

Chris Birch from New Zealand was born in 1980 and started competing in trials in 1988 and won each class by the time he was 18. Chris is a three time winner of the Roof of Africa and won Red Bull Romaniacs in 2010. Chris has competed successfully in all the major extreme enduros around the world. See his website here and our video of his awesome riding skills here. We've done some training with him and think he's not a bad bloke despite being a Kiwi lol!

David Knight, born 1978, is an accomplished all rounder, having won the British Expert trials championship and a range of motocross and hard enduro events. David has competed and placed highly in many extreme enduro events including Hells Gate, Erzberg Rodeo, the AMA Endurocross, The Tough One in the UK, and Last Man Standing in the USA.  

Dougie Lampkin, born 1976, Dougie Lampkin is a trials bike legend, winning five consecutive World Indoor Championships, seven consecutive World Outdoor Championships, four World Team Championships, six British Adult Championships, two Spanish Adult Championships and the world famous Scott Trial on four occasions. In recent years Dougie has been on the podium in extreme enduro events like the Erzberg Rodeo and Romaniacs.

There are plenty of other extremely talented riders in endurocross and extreme enduros - here are others currently doing very well in the past few years... Alfredo Gomez, Ben Hemingway, Paul Bolton, Dan Hemingway, Xavi Galindo, Philipp Scholz and Wade Young.

Erzberg Rodeo is an annual one-day Austrian extreme enduro that started in 1995. It is the largest enduro event and has entrants rom over 40 countries. Out of 500 entrants, often only a handful manage to reach the finish line. Riders negotiate ravines filled with massive boulders, near vertical hill climbs and descents, and speed their way around the quarry which is closed for this extreme enduro event. 
Romaniacs is a gruelling annual extreme four-day hard enduro event held in Romania since 2004. The prolog stage is similar to endurocross, and is run along the main street of Sibiu before the action spills in the nearby rocky mountain sides and thick forests. Riders use GPS for navigation which makes the riding even tougher trying to keep an eye on two things at once. This is the only event one of our guys has ridden... Rod has done both the Hobby class and then Bronze in 2015.
Sea to Sky is an annual extreme enduro over three days in Turkey. The first day involves a beach race, the second a forest race, and the final day starts from the beach of a tourist resort up to the top the top of the 2365m high Olympus Mountain. 
The Roof of Africa is an annual four-day extreme enduro in South Africa, attracting hundreds of entrants internationally to ride rocks, rocks and more rocks. The name hints at the consistently high altitude through the mountains of Lesotho. 
The Tough One is an annual one day hard enduro event that used to be held in an old quarry in the UK and has similarities to an endurocross event. The venue has now changed to a motocross track but accesses the steep treacherous surrounding lands plus man made obstacles - log crossings, tire jumps, the lorry trailer and hanging dummies. 
Extreme Lagares in a one day annual hard enduro event in Lagares, Portugal. The prolog event is similar to an endurocross race and attracts thousands of spectators. Only a handful of riders are expected to finish in the Pro class due to its gruelling nature.